April 24th, 2006

Steam Escaping!

On Playing the Market

"Just take it! I am tired of taking cabs."

"No way man, that is blood money!"

"Eddie, we are hit men, everything we get paid is blood money."

"Oh yeah. Well, this is different. I want no part of it."

"Oh, but you do. Think of the shiny leather interior all this dough could buy."


"Maybe a town car, with a nice big trunk."

"They use too much gas."

"Fine, get a hybrid or something then, I don't care."

"I still say this is wrong on a lot of levels."

"Look, playing an inside line on the market is like getting a hot tip at the track."

"You don't go to Federal prison for track tips."

"Well, I guess you could if you got enough of them, but I see your point. Nobody has been able to pin the roots back to us, which suggests to me that despite your proclivity to fuck up, your lucky steak came through for you this time."

"Is this everything you made?"

"No, I had to buy some new stuff, including a bag, after that super glue thing."

"Right, sorry about that."

"Never you mind. Just get us some new wheels."

"I still can't believe Just Born is a publicly traded company."

"Yeah well, this ain't the first time we made profit off of someone's tears. Get shopping dammit!"

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