The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers. (delascabezas) wrote in frankandeddie,
The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers.

Anniversary Post

(Author's Note - I wish I could update more often.)

"What the fuck is wrong with you Eddie? Seriosuly?!"

"Jeez Frank, I really think you are blowing things out of proportion."

"What!? Since you lost all our munitions to those rebels, we've been stuck trying to find a way out of here for months. The deal which will net us the cash we need literally falls into our lap, and you blow it."

"Frank, Al'Amir's daughter did not land on our lap, please stop being so mellodramatic."

"No! Wait, What? Mellodramatic?! Mellodramatic would be killing you. This is not mellodramatic. This is just great annoyance."

"With great annoyance comes... Frank, please remove the shank from the base of my spine. Please?"

"Eddie, only if you promise me, on your life, that you will never finish that sentence."

"Done. Make a left here."

"Here? I thought it was the second camel seller's stall?"

"Look, unless you want to get a bum deal on the trade in, left here, NOW!"

"Motherfuck. I can't beleive the goddamned thing just spit on that guy."

"He was in the way."

"I wish we were home. Man, I hate camels. I really hate the middle east."

"Me too. I'd hate it a lot less if we were going to be able to get Uncle Sam to cough up that information bounty you just blew."

"Look Frank, the Pentagon said it was okay..."


"Which I think is pretty contreversial because we executed Japanese soldiers who did it to our boys during WWII..."

"Eddie would you..."

"But if the government of the good 'ol US of A says that waterboarding is a kosher form of information gathering, how can you blame me for the guy dying?"

"Because fucktwit, waterboarding someone means simulating drowning by pouring water over thier head, which is covered in a cloth. The detainee goes into shock, the way your body does when you are drowning. It is fucking awful."

"Oh, what did I do then?"

"You fucking caved the guy's skull with a wet 2x4. Way to go Mr. Duggan."

"I can't believe you just insulted me with an 80's reference."



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