The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers. (delascabezas) wrote in frankandeddie,
The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers.

On The Flipside of Going Legit

"Hey Frank? What time is it?"

"Jumping Jack Fuck Eddie, would you please just get a goddamn new watch already?"

"You know it is Eduardo now, Frank. Please, some respect. Besides, I have a watch, I just always forget to wear it. What is the big deal, we are on vacation, right?"

"Eddie, unless you somehow pull ahead in the goon head count, it will remain Eddie. Maybe even 'Eds' when you are doing something naieve and cute. Like forgetting to wear a watch that costs more than most domestic US cars."

"That is not funny Frank. That actually really hurts. It is insulting. You know that? You know that is how wars start, right? Between families?"

"No, wars start because multi-billionaires want no-compete contra... oh. O.K. Yeah, you are sorta right."

"Frank, we argue a lot more since we went legit, huh?"

"Yeah, we do, and there has been a surprisingly small number of times I've wanted to kill you for nearly killing the both of us. Mostly I just want to kill you because I'm bored."

"Thanks Frank, that means a lot."

"Well, there are perks to being legit, right? I mean, we worked hard for a long time. Now we don't ever need to work again! Just think, living off interest and divedends. What a life."

"You are right Frank. I mean, look at this place. Beautiful. Not another person aside from our goons and trollops in sight. All the booze you can drink..."

"And that isin't saying anything about the cigars..."

"Oh yeah, the cigars. I just wish we got more mail."

"It costs too much to fly in. Rich but frugal, that is how you make it last, man. You don't see me buying any Rolexes. Look, we were due a vacation. After that whole building-a-mob-empire-then-liquidating-it-to-go-legit... What is a month off? The rest of the world can fucking take care of itself."

"Yeah, probably. I just miss reading the New Yorker every week. "

"You... um... did I...?"

"What? The cartoons are hillarious!"

"O.K. Now you are just playing me like I'm a fool who never watched Seinfeld."

"No, seriously. Between that and Money, I always had a lot to read."

" Money?"

"Well, I would always look for our names. We gotta come up one of these days on one of those rich lists."

"Eddie, you better hope not, otherwise our fortunes are going to be spent on personal security, rather than sitting in the reserve pools of large financial services companies, and investment banks, earning us dumptrucks of extra dough."

"At least we still get the Times, even if it is a little late. Aah. Nothing like a good crossword, right? Twenty seven across... Hmm... Frank, um, what is a five letter word for a collision?"


"Oh, right. I should have guessed that one. It is all over the front page."

"Really? When is that paper from?"

"Like 10 days ago I think. September 13."

"Huh. Give it here when you are done with tha... wait. What is? Sweet bloody fuck. Lehman?! Give me that! Give it over now. Now, Eddie!"

"Frank, I wasn't done with that puzzle! What is so.. Frank. Frank? Are you O.K.? Frank, did they move the obits to the front page or something? Seriously Frank. Stop crying. You are kinda freakin me out. Frank? Frank..."

::Schnorf:: "Pack your shit Eddie. I think the vacation is over."

"I guess I should find my watch then, huh?"

"Yeah, you should. We are probably gonna have to hock it to get back home."


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